Front Strut Tower Brace

Product Name: Front Strut Tower Brace Part #: SX-306-5011
Fitment: 2005-2019 Challenger / Charger / Magnum / 300 Last Revision: 10/10/19

What’s Included:

  • Speedlogix Strut Tower Brace
  • Wiper Motor Mounting Tab
  • Bolts (2), Washers (2) – installed on brace for shipment

Before beginning the installation, please make sure you have all the included parts and necessary tools. Installing this product requires disassembly of some components of the suspension.  If you are not confident you can complete the job safely, we recommended to have the work performed by a certified technician who is familiar with the suspension components.

TIP: Your strut tower brace can be installed without removing the wiper cowl cover, but care must be taken when sliding the old bar out and the new bar in position to prevent scratches. If you choose this method, skip to step 3.

Step 1: Remove the two wiper arms.  First take the cap cover off each arm and then remove the nut using a 15mm socket.  
Step 2: Remove the 5 push pins holding the black wiper cowl cover on. Remove the two end push pins holding the foam rubber.  Be careful not to tear these.  The push pins and foam will be reused.  Now the wiper cowl cover can be removed.  
Step 3:     On the passenger side, remove the 2 bolts holding the stock black bar in place.  Repeat the process on the other side of the stock bar. Lift off the ECU bracket.  Remove the stock bar from the vehicle and set aside.
Step 4: Remove the rubber grommet from the stock bar and place it on the new wiper tab.  Bolt the wiper tab to the bar using the existing bolts and washers.  (These came temporarily bolted on the brace.)  
Step 5: Remove the 3 nuts from each the passenger and driver side strut tower.   Hellcat Only: Before you can access the nuts on the passenger side, remove the 10mm nut holding the intercooler reservoir to the bracket and move it out of the way.  Then remove the 3 nuts as described and put the reservoir mounting bracket to the side.  
Step 6: Place the Speedlogix strut tower brace into position.  
Step 7: Install the wiper motor onto the new tab of the Speedlogix brace.  Replace the ECU in the same location.  
Step 8: Reinstall the stock bolts on both the passenger and driver side and snug down.  Do not over tighten.   Hellcat Only: First install the reservoir mounting bracket on top of the strut brace on the passenger side.  Then tighten nuts and reinstall the intercooler reservoir back in place with the 10mm nut.  
Step 9: Reinstall the shock nuts and tighten.  Do not over tighten.  
Step 10: Reinstall the black wiper cowl cover along with push pins and foam.   Hellcat Charger Only: Trim the firewall cover as needed around the strut brace.  
Step 11: Reinstall the wiper arms using the factory nuts and covers.  
Step 12: Send a photo of your newly installed Speedlogix strut tower brace to  

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